We all know what teenagers are like - we were ones ourselves not so long ago... But that doesn't mean we are prepared for the day our little sweet girl wakes up with an attitude that snaps you in half. 


No matter what strange and unusual things they do, the more prepared you are the better! 


1. They are grumpy

Don’t you dare ask how they are or prepare for your head to be bitten off...


2. They are dramatic

“But EVERYONE will be there....” 



3. You will NEVER understand what they are going through  

Sure, you were never a teenager yourself, were you?!


4. They are an incredibly untidy bunch

No need to fit expensive wardrobes when they have a perfectly good FLOORDROBE ready and waiting for their clothes.


5. They will NEVER have enough clothes

Even though they are forever buying tops... WHO needs that many tops?!


6.They will make sure you have at least one sleepless night a week

Usually on a Friday night when they are out with their friends...



7. They will clog the drain after just one shower

So much hair that they REFUSE to get chopped...


8. They'll think they are more clued up than you

Maybe about 'trendy' things, but not about life. Definitely not about life. 


9. They will spend more time in the bathroom than you could have ever thought possible 

Make-up, tan, hair styles - it all takes time. A lot of time. 



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