A love letter to my pre-baby breasts

If you've had a baby then your breasts are almost certainly different to what they were before pregnancy.

Breastfed or bottle fed those bad boys are never returning back to the good old days so enjoy them, take pictures of them, moisturise them...whatever you do to worship them, then add them to list of things to put to one side (literally) post birth. 

I say this as I feel like no one really tells you how much you should love your breasts before you get pregnant. Trust me it will happen...they will change and you'll think you've escaped the dreaded spaniel ears and then 12 months postpartum the hormones disappear and then its hello shadow of their former selves breasts.

I went from being a C cup to a double GG whilst the engorgement happened (yes...that is an actual thing) and then after 14 months of breastfeeding, they became an A. An A! One of my friends went from a C to an E so it can go all ways...up...down..in and out literally. 

I remember one year after my son was born I trotted down to M&S for a bra fitting. I'd finally just about stopped wearing breastfeeding bras and so I wanted some new bras to perk me up. I thought I would be a good B...turns out so did the very helpful sales assistant. She tried Bs...really tried and then shook her head said: "you were a C before right??" I almost blubbed there and then but instead I bought some beautiful size As and ran home to tell my husband. 

You could say why does it matter...breasts are awesome... especially milky food giving ones at that. But that's not the point at all.

The point is they were mine...they had looked the same for two decades and I recognised them as part of me and they were gone. 

If you are yet to give birth or be pregnant LOVE those breasts and don't be surprised when they change beyond all recognition. And if they don't change then woooo - high five those springy resilient genes of yours and spare a thought for the rest of us.