5 family friendly chicken recipes that your kids will love

If you’re a fan of chicken but are bored of cooking it the same old way, then we have some great ideas to jazz up dinner time that won’t break the bank.

We know finding the time to cook can be hard so all of these recipes are quick to prepare so you won’t be standing over the stove for hours. Whether you’re cooking for one, having friends over or are getting little ones involved, all of these recipes are super easy to follow. These dishes take minimum effort to make but give maximum reward with how tasty they are.

Is it just me or does it feel like the weekly shop is getting more and more expensive? With that in mind, all of these recipes are inexpensive and don’t need loads of ingredients, so nothing will go to waste. That way, they’re nice on your pocket and the environment.

Chicken is so versatile and that is why we love it! We’ve found recipes that will suit everyone, whether you’re a lover of spice, trying to keep it healthy or are after a fake-away, we have it all. So here is the list of chicken dinners that are so yummy you will wish you made more.

Chicken fajita pasta

A quick and easy dish that’s packed with flavour and is super affordable.

Crispy orange chicken

Craving a take-away but are trying to eat-out less? We have your dinner sorted with this tasty chinese-style chicken dish.

Chicken tikka masala

If you love Indian food but don’t like too much spice, this is the dish for you. It’s a fan-favourite for everyone to enjoy. 

Chicken satay with peanut sauce

The perfect fake-away to make Saturday night dinner that bit more tasty.

Chicken burger with spinach

A healthy burger that is so easy to make. It’s really tasty too!