A six-year-old girl has died, and six other children have been injured after a bouncy castle exploded in a restaurant garden in Spain over the weekend.


The young children, aged between three and 11, suffered various injuries when they were flung from the bouncy castle yesterday afternoon.


According to The Sun, debris was found more than 120ft away from the original site of the explosion, including in the branches of trees and on the restaurant’s roof.


It has been reported that an investigation is currently underway to find out what happened, although it is believed that one of the air valves within the bouncy castle failed, and exploded due to pressure. 


Emergency services remained on the scene all afternoon, along with a number ambulances and two helicopters. 


The three most seriously injured kids were two girls, aged six and seven; and a young boy aged nine.


Tragically, one of the six-year-old girls passed away in hospital a few hours after the accident, while the other two children are still being treated for “multiple injuries”. 


The parents of the injured kids were having lunch in the restaurant while their children played in the bouncy castle, with a number witnesses recalling the "loud bang" and the horrifying scene that followed. 


Our thoughts are with the families involved in this terrible accident.