Being a mum is exhausting and most of us crawl into bed mind buzzing with the day's activities and to-do lists for tomorrow, and struggle to fall asleep. 


It can be hard to put our thoughts to rest after a long day, but it is important you settle your mind enough to get the most out of the few hours of sleep you manage to get! 


So this evening, after you have put the kids to bed, try the following five things to help you feel better: 


1. Have a warm bath

Draw yourself a warm bath in the evenings to help you unwind and relax; pop a few candles around the edge of the bath and put on some soothing music – the best way to settle your head after a long, hard day.



2. Turn off your phone

Definitely easier said than done, but being on your phone causes your brain to rapidly switch from one thing to another, making you less productive than if you just focused on one thing like relaxing.


3. Grab yourself a peppermint tea

Pop on your pyjamas, pour yourself a cup of peppermint tea and curl under a blanket. Peppermint tea is great at relaxing your mind as well as helping to boost your immune system, and the warmth of the cup is incredibly soothing.


4. Dim the lights as you settle in for the evening

Turn off your overhead light as you relax in front of the TV in the evening or even pop a few candles around the room (once the kids are gone to bed). Helping to create a relaxing atmosphere they will settle the mind away from the glare of bright lights.



5. Breathe deeply

Deep breathing is a great way to blow away the stresses of the day, and can be done just before you head to bed. Simply sit up straight, breathe slowly in through your nose, hold for the count of four and exhale for the count of four. Rest for four before repeating the process again. You should begin to feel a little calmer.  


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