Last time we explored some of the most popular slang words that are used by our teens today and of course, since then, there have been a lot more to add to the list.
A text abbreviation that has been around since the early noughties. BFF is a sweet way for your teen to communicate with their close friends and literally means “best friends forever”.
While everyone else associates this word with being unwell, your teen will often use this word to describe something that is really cool or awesome.
My bad
Thanks to the abundance of American teenage programmes, this phrase has become extremely popular over here. “My bad” literally means “my mistake” and will often be used by your teen to admit that they have done something wrong or made a big mistake.
You are probably familiar with this word but just in case you aren’t, “OMG” is a text abbreviation for “oh my god”. It was originally used by teens to communicate their shock to friends via text message but has somehow made its way to verbal dialogue as well.
This word has appeared as a result of our internet culture and mostly thanks to online trolls. Hater is often used to describe someone who hates everything for no apparent reason. Your teen will probably use this word around a pessimistic person who they are tired of listening to.
A word that has become extremely popular thanks to the hit teen film, Mean Girls. Frenemy is a combination of the words friend and enemy. Your teen will probably use this word to describe a person who appears to act like your friend on the outside, but in reality they are anything but.
This is not only an abbreviation and a form of text slang, but also used as an excuse by many teens to try new things and live in the moment. YOLO means “you only live once” and don’t be surprised if your teen uses this as an excuse to justify some of their questionable actions.
Most people use this word as a title for some famous old tales, but your teen will probably use this slang to describe a peer’s amazing actions and as a result, they’ve become a “legend”.