Teenagers fall somewhere between childhood and adulthood, sometimes they can act like a grownup and other times they can throw a tantrum like a five-year-old.


Teenage behaviour can become a problem when adults and teenagers find themselves in open disagreement about almost anything. Teens may want to both be given the same independence and freedom as adults and at the same time be coddled like children.


When disagreements occur, try to follow this advice which should help you keep the peace and get your point across.


Talk to your teens. 


The best way to keep arguments at bay is to have meaningful conversations with your teens about important issues. Serious conversations with teens can be challenging. Sitting down with your child regularly to talk about areas of concern will go a long way towards keeping the lines of communication open.


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Approaching your teen with respect will make conversations more bearable for both of you. Letting your teen know that you trust and respect them will reduce the likelihood of an argument. For instance you might say, “I know you probably have this done already, but have you studied for that exam?”




Listening to your teen means at least hearing the words and then taking time, before responding, to really consider their point of view.


Reason and logic.


Once you have listened to what your teen has to say and considered their side of the argument, you will need to respond as a reasonable adult. Make sure that your response is logical, make it brief and to the point.


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Respond to your teen’s emotion but don’t make the mistake of answering with emotions of your own.




There is no way to completely avoid arguments when living with teens. However, you can work through difficulties by listening, respecting, reasoning and understanding your teen. Compromises are often the only way to go.