Christmas is a magical time of the year, especially for children, and as recent posts and videos on social media have proven, it creates some incredible memories.


A Reddit user took to the social networking site this weekend to share a stunning photo which captured what happened when a baby fell asleep while waiting in line to meet Santa.


Rather than wake the child up for the big moment, Santa had a special idea for how he could make a picture-perfect moment.


The user explained: “While waiting in line to see Santa, this baby fell asleep. When it came time for the picture, Santa told the parents not to wake him.”



As you can see, using The Night Before Christmas as a prop Santa managed to capture an even more special photo than originally planned.


Needless to say, the photo has gone viral around the world, and it’s really helping to get people into the Christmas spirit.


“He must have been an artist or something. What a GREAT idea that was – best Santa pic ever!” wrote one commenter. Others, meanwhile, described the photo as ‘precious’ and ‘awesome’.


We wholeheartedly agree!