Cold sores are unsightly and often painful lesions on or around your lip - and sadly there is no cure for them.


Once they break out, they crust over making them really difficult to hide under make-up, despite our best efforts.


However, rather than sit and wait for it to go away on its own, there are plenty of things you can do to diminish it appearance and ease any discomfort.


1. Vanilla


Using a Q-tip or a cotton pad gently dab vanilla extract onto the infection – holding it in place for a few seconds.


2. Milk


Milk contains l-lysine which may help to speed up the healing process. Drinking it is a great way to prevent cold sores in the first place, but dabbing it directly onto the area will also help.


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3. Peppermint oil


If you have a little peppermint oil in the press why not put it to good use by gently rubbing it into the infected area. Be sure to dilute the oil a little with water to prevent irritation and dab it onto the sore. There is no point ingesting it though as it will only work when applied directly onto the cold sore.


4. Echinacea tea


Dip the Echinacea teabag into a cup of boiled water and allow it to seep for about ten minutes. Take the bag out, squeeze away the excess water and place it over the cold sore. Drink the tea to give you immune system an extra boost.


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5. Witch hazel


You can pick up a stick of witch hazel in most chemists cheaply enough, and simply rub it onto the sore using an ear bud.