Parents of 14-year-olds need to help them establish healthy habits, take on responsibilities and grow in confidence.
Diet and Nutrition
Now that your child has settled into secondary school, he will be making more and more of his own food choices. Breakfast can be particularly tricky, as many teens don’t get up early enough to have time to eat before going to school. Here are some of our tips to help ensure your teen enjoys a healthy diet:
  • Offer healthy breakfasts on the go like wholesome cereal bars or fruit.
  • Make healthy after school-snacks that they enjoy readily available
  • Talk to your teen and ask them what healthy options they would like to pack for lunch.
Teens like to go to bed as late as possible, often because they are unable to sleep. If your 14- year- old is having problems going to sleep, here are some tips:
  • Establish a set time that they need to turn off the TV, put down the games console or log off the internet. An hour before bed is a good time to do this.
  • It's hard to sleep when you haven't finished your homework, are worried about a test at school the next day or are having a fight with your best friend. Try and help your teen to always finish homework before bed and talk to them about looking on the bright side as fights with friends can be worked out.
Secondary school is full of clubs and sports teams that promote fitness. Speak to your teen about joining a club or taking up a sport they enjoy. Regular exercise is as important to a 14- year- old teenager’s emotional wellness as it is to their physical health.
14-year-old teens tend to become noticably less moody and will be growing accustomed to the changes that being a teenager heralds. They will also look forward to new changes as these changes mean more freedom.That said, 14-year-olds can be overly dramatic and 'stress' about every little thing: friends, appearance, their outfits, school and fitting in. Teach your child how to cope with stress through deep breathing techniques and positive thinking.
Behaviours, Responsibilities and Discipline
It is important for parents of 14- year- olds to establish rules and responsibilities with their child.