The cold weather has come quickly, and with it can come the all too familiar sypmtoms of the flue - fever, headache, sore throat and all-over aches and pains. Boots Ireland is encouraging the public to get vaccinated against the flu early this year with the launch of Flu Vaccination Service.
It takes up to two weeks before the vaccine becomes fully effective, so it’s advised to get the vaccine before incidence of flu reaches peak levels.
The vaccine will be available in Boots pharmacies throughout the flu season but receiving it earlier is key to preventing flu this winter.
Boots Winter Flu Vaccination Service is available in 64 Boots Ireland pharmacies. Boots pharmacies are offering the vaccination free of charge to those aged over 18 in high risk groups with a medical card, while those in high risk groups without a medical card can avail o the vaccine for €25. People who are at risk include:
  • pregnant women
  • asthmatics
  • diabetics
  • healthcare workers and carers
  • those with a BMI over 40
  • people with certain chronic diseases such as heart and kidney diseases
  • people with low immunity from chemotherapy for cancer, steroid treatment or a condition such as HIV
Those over the age of 18 who do not fall into these groups can be vaccinated in Boots for €30.
You don’t need to make an appointment for the Boots Winter Flu Vaccination Service. It will be administered by a Boots pharmacist following a full consultation. Boots pharmacies are now open at convenient times, including weekends and late nights. For more information visit