Brooke Shields reveals she’ll be a ‘mess’ when youngest daughter goes to college

Brooke Shields has been opening up about her tight-knit relationship with her daughters. 

The Mother of the Bride star is mum to 20-year-old Rowan and 18-year-old Grier, whom she shares with her husband Chris Henchy.

While speaking about her children, Brooke admitted she’s ‘going to be a mess’ when her youngest daughter follows in the footsteps of her sister and leaves home to attend college.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Brooke was asked, “You’re preparing to say bye for now to your youngest going off to college, how are you dealing with this ‘empty-nester syndrome’?”.

Shields responded by revealing, “I'm not quite in denial but, definitely, I'm going to be a mess. I really am going to be a mess”.

“But I know that they're going to come back. I mean, my older daughter comes back often and, you know, they'll be my babies forever”.

Brooke went on to say, “If you've done it right, though, you want them to feel that freedom to start their lives, you know?”.

Speaking more about how close she is to Rowan and Grier, the 58-year-old showcased the matching tattoos she got with both daughters for their 18th birthdays. 

While unveiling the ink she got with Grier, which is of a woman and child’s legs wearing high heels on her forearm, Brooke explained the touching meaning behind the tattoo.

“This is the tattoo that I got with my younger daughter, who asked me to do this on her 18th birthday. She used to wear my high heels all the time”.

After showing the tattoo she got on her wrist with Rowan, the Pretty Baby star confessed, “When your daughter wants to be branded with you, you just say yes”.