We’ve all heard that too much stress is bad for you, in fact, we are constantly being warned about it.


But considering so many of us experience it from time-to-time, is there any benefit to it?


It helps boost brain power

When you experience stress sensors stimulate the production of brain chemicals called neuotrophins which help the connection between neurons in the brain.


Can make you more resilient

Learning to deal with stressful situations can help you better manage any similar scenarios in the future. However, while it is important you learn to deal with stress head on, learning to manage it better does come with time and practice.


Motivates you

There is nothing like a little stress to get you motivated. Deadlines create stressful environments but they also motivate you to get the job done in time.


Can help boost memory

In the short term, a little stress can actually help to boost your memory. 


Can temporarily improve your immune system

When you experience stress your body goes in to fight or flight mode which can temporarily help to boost your immune system .