Charlotte Dawson reflects on first meeting fiancé Matthew as she reveals cute story

Charlotte Dawson has been reflecting on when she first met her fiancé Matthew Sarsfield.

The former Ex on the Beach star and her partner got engaged back in September 2020 and share two sons together- three-year-old Noah and 11-month-old Jude. 

While opening up about her and Matthew’s relationship, Charlotte shared the sweet story of how the couple first met. 

Dawson was answering a Q&A on her Instagram Stories from some of her 1.3M followers about her and Matthew’s life when one fan asked, “How did you meet Matthew?”.

With her husband-to-be beside her, the 31-year-old responded to the question by admitting, “This is a belting one because Matthew - everytime we’re anywhere, he always says Tinder, don’t you? Always. He goes, ‘We met on Tinder’. We definitely did not meet on Tinder”.

“So we met at our friend’s wedding”, she explained before turning to Matthew and saying,  “Actually you messaged me a couple of times before. He doesn’t like admitting that”.

“So basically, I added him on Facebook and he messaged me saying, ‘Are you at the wedding in a few weeks?’, and I said, ‘Yeah, are you my date?’.

After a giggle, the former reality star went on to reveal, “Then he said, ‘Oh yeah, we’ll have to see’, and then I never replied. Saw him at the wedding, it was love at first sight for me. 

“I walked down the aisle because I’d been doing my friend’s make-up. So I walked down obviously and I saw him and I was like, ‘Oh my God mum I think it’s that guy that was messaging me. I’m literally obsessed’”.

Charlotte continued, “So when I actually like someone, I get really, really nervous. I know you can’t believe that but he kept trying to speak to me and I kept running away”.

“And then got more drunk, started acting a bit class-clowney and by the end of the night, I got my friend to go and speak to him and I was sat on a bench waiting for him and I told him I fancied him”.

Finishing off the sweet tale, Charlotte held the camera to Matthew and added, “Then that was it, wasn't it my darling? The rest is history”.