A four-year-old girl went into anaphylactic shock and lost consciousness on an airplane, after a passenger ignored three separate warnings not to eat nut products on board.
Young Fae Platten, who has a serious nut allergy, was on a Ryanair flight home from Tenerife to the UK with her family last week when she fell ill. A man sitting four rows away opened a package of nuts after repeated in-flight warnings from the crew.
Fae began showing symptoms just 20 minutes into the flight and stopped breathing when her airway was compromised. She was eventually revived with an injection, but had blistered lips and a swollen tongue after her ordeal.
The young girl’s mother, Katy Platten, said that the man’s actions were "incredibly selfish," especially considering all passengers were made aware of Fae’s allergy. "It was a very lucky escape. It could have been a tragedy," she said.
A spokesperson for Ryanair said the passenger in question could be banned from flying with the airline for up to two years.