Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a behavioural problem that affects a number of school age kids. Sufferers have trouble focusing, sitting still and paying attention.
However, this does not mean your youngster should miss out on activities other kids get involved in, you just need to consider your choices wisely.
Limited distractions
Make sure you choose an activity that involves a smaller number of people. If there are fewer people it may help your little one to focus on the task at hand than if there are others vying for the teachers attention. Swimming is a great choice as it requires constant movement and is usually taught in smaller group numbers.
Work towards a goal
Make sure you pick an activity that works towards a goal and helps to build self-esteem and confidence. Martial arts like karate are well known for helping kids who are struggling with their disorder and your little one's confidence will soar as they learn a new move.
Outdoor activities
Cycling and hiking are great for kids with lots of energy to burn. Your child will be constantly moving and won’t be relying on others to take a turn, helping to keep them focused. Running is also a great choice, whether in a group or on their own, as it calms the mind and can help your little one relax.
Arts, crafts and drama
These activities provide a creative outlet for your child and will really help them to express themselves. As your little one learn lines, their concentration is sharpened and a routine is established. Completing an art project will also help to boost your kid's self esteem.
When it comes to choosing an activity, there are a few kids with ADHD should avoid. These include things that require a lot of waiting around, periods of inactivity and too many people involved. Video games are also a no-no as they can increase attention problems.
Keep in mind, while one activity may work for one child it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for all. If you find something is not helping your youngster's disorder simply try something else and keep going until you find a suitable one.