My fingers have been hovering over the keyboard for a week or so on this topic.


I was unsure whether to blog about it, but thanks to Mom Of Two Little Girls ( I have decided to write about it. She posted on her Instagram that she had blogged about it, and I couldn't agree more with her blog and her opinion.. so here we go.


I think it has gone mad.


I don't understand what is so wrong with boys wearing Blue/Green and girls wearing Pink/Purple.. why all of a sudden has this gender-neutral issue come about?


I went to Waitrose the other day as the boys needed some new pyjamas. We picked up a two pack, one was red with dinosaurs, one white with different colour dinosaurs. When I looked at the tag it said "Boys & Girls," I had to look twice. Why does it have to be labelled "Boys & Girls"? I don't get why everything has to be stereotyped.


After paying for their pyjamas and heading to the car, I started thinking that if either of my two boys wanted a pair of pink pyjamas, I wouldn't say no. I remember last year Grayson was obsessed with Peppa Pig, I searched everywhere for "Boy" Peppa Pig pyjamas, I couldn't find any, so I bought him Peppa Pig pyjamas from the girl's section. He was so made up.


Like I said earlier, I wouldn't say no but I wouldn't force my child to wear "Gender Neutral" either.


I have boys. They were born boys and I dress them in typical boys clothes. If either of my boys decided they wanted to cross-dress or decide that they were transgender, I would be the first to help them through their transition.


But please, world, let them be children. I just think the "Gender Neutral" phrase has gone overboard. It's not the children, it's the parents who decide they want their children to be gender neutral.


I saw Paloma Faith is raising her child as gender neutral. How do you raise your child as gender neutral? Maybe it's me being naive? The last thing I would want to do is confuse my child.  As I said above, if my children wanted to dress in opposite-sex clothes I would be fine with it - but I wouldn't force it on them.


They are your children, if you want to dress them gender neutral then that's great, I would never judge, but then I ask not to be judged for dressing my children as boys. As that's what they are.


We should all support each others parenting choices. I just don't like how I am being made to feel, as a parent, about gender neutral. I just feel like so much is getting pushed onto parents to fit in with the "in thing". This is just my opinion, that I am fully entitled to, same as you.


Feel free to comment on your views/opinions on this topic. I would be interested to see what you all have to say on this issue.




Stay at home mummy of two boys aged four and two. Wife to be. I'm a coffee lover and Disney fanatic just trying my best at parenting.

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