A survey has been conducted to find out what makes women feel good. Top of the list includes compliments (not a surprise) and eating cheese (a bit of a surprise).
The survey was conducted by Sainsbury’s, who asked 2,000 women what gives them the ‘feel good’ factor.
While some findings - like chocolates and flowers - were pretty obvious, there were some interseting items on the list. Having clean teeth came above going out for lunch or having your hair done, while eating cheese came ahead of getting a manicure.
For women who have children, hearing that they are clever or well behaved makes them feel good. Mums also love getting a hug from their little one after a stressful day.
Check out the top 40 ‘feel good’ factors here:
  1. A partner gives you a cuddle spontaneously
  2. Comfortable underwear
  3. Someone tells you that you’ve lost weight
  4. Buying a present for someone which they’re obviously pleased to receive
  5. Sexy underwear
  6. Finding a bargain
  7. Receiving flowers
  8. Being bought a present
  9. Someone tells you that you look younger than you are
  10. A stranger complements you on what your style
  11. Tucking into a bar of chocolate
  12. Being asked where you bought something
  13. Catching up with old friends
  14. Fitting into an outfit you thought was too small
  15. Reading a brilliant book
  16. Having clean teeth
  17. Having a meal cooked for you
  18. Shopping
  19. Someone notices you’ve had your hair done
  20. A proper hug from your son/daughter
  21. Getting dressed up for a night out
  22. A sale in your favourite shop
  23. Being told your children are well behaved or clever
  24. A bubble bath
  25. Seeing a new play / exhibition
  26. Buying a new bottle of perfume
  27. Going out for lunch with friends
  28. Winning a debate
  29. Getting praise from the boss
  30. A child thanks you for having them to tea
  31. A spa day
  32. Exercise / playing sport
  33. Showing off a new handbag
  34. The DJ plays your favourite song on a night out
  35. Watching a box set
  36. Your children are doing well at school / sport
  37. Taking heels off at the end of the night
  38. Recycling clothes
  39. Eating cheese
  40. Doing a great job at work