52-year-old dad Phil Turner has called for a complete ban of aerosol cans being allowed into festivals after his daughter Sophie was horrifically injured this weekend.
18-year-old Sophie and a friend were at the Leeds Festival when someone threw an aerosol can into the bonfire they were sitting beside.
The can exploded, severely burning the two girls’ hands, arms and legs and faces, nearly blinding them.
The two teenagers are currently being treated in the burns unit of Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester for their injuries.
Sophie’s dad is outraged at the incident, and has demanded that whoever is responsible “man up and come forward”.
“Whoever did this, whoever you are, you need to man up and come forward. You need to understand the consequences of your actions.” Phil said to reporters.
“You need to apologise to these girls. People need to take responsibility for their actions.”
Phil is devastated about the pain and injury caused to Sophie and her friend.
“My daughter and her friend could have lost their eyesight and they could still be disfigured for life.”
 “On both girls the burns on the face are seriously close to their eyes - their eyelashes and eyebrows were completely burnt off and they were lucky not to be blinded.”
“This is because some irresponsible idiots decided to entertain themselves by throwing an aerosol at the camp fire.”
Phil has called for the organisers at Leeds Festival to explain how an aerosol was allowed in, but so far there has been no comment from those responsible.
The Leeds Festival website states that “anyone burning toxic materials is liable for eviction”, but do not mention if aerosols themselves are banned.