Dancing on Ice star Greg Rutherford issues surgery update following injury on show

Greg Rutherford has issued an update on his health after undergoing an operation on his stomach. 

The Olympian was taking part in Dancing on Ice earlier this year when he was forced to leave the show after sustaining an injury while on the ice. 

At the time, Greg revealed he ‘managed to tear all of his abs as well as herniate’ after 'leaping' through the legs of Brendyn Hatfield and Colin Grafton.

Now, nearly a month after his surgery, Rutherford has opened up about his post-op recovery and shared photos of the scar on his stomach. 

Admitting he’s “feeling so much better”, Greg posted snaps of his surgery scar to his 197K Instagram followers. 

In the caption of the post, he explained, “A little stomach update… I’m almost 4 weeks post op now and feeling so much better. I can move around with almost no feeling of pain and the wound has now closed and healed. Pic 2 shows the insane swelling I initially had”.

“I can’t tense my abs properly still, but that’s coming. I also managed to put a ton of weight on since the op, so as soon as I’m ready I’ll be training to get myself trim again… maybe even back on skates”.

Many of Greg’s Dancing on Ice castmates took to the comments to send him well wishes as he continues to recover. 

Adele Roberts, who came in third place on the show, wrote, “So happy you’re on the mend Greg. Can’t wait to see you back out training. Me & @kateholderness sending you lots of love”.

“Looking good. Sending you good vibes”, penned pro skater Tippy Packard. Ricky Hatton added, “On the mend son”.

The 37-year-old also unveiled the pictures to his Stories and said, “I’m back on insta and thought I’d gross everyone out - but it is a positive update”.

When previously explaining what injury he sustained, Greg opened up to his social media followers on the day of his operation. 

He told his fans, “Long story short, I lept through the legs of Brendyn [Hatfield] and Colin [Grafton], and managed to tear all of my abs, as well as herniate. So, I effectively gave myself a C-section”.

“Horribly painful, needs to be operated on today and then I’ll be properly on the mend. I’ll post up the video of the actual move that caused it, but I don’t have the actual footage of when it happened”.