Laziness is a common complaint when it comes to teens, especially during the summer holidays. But fear not, we have some great tips on how you can motivate your teen to make the most of their free time:
Talk to them
Your teen will need to relax after a stressful year in school, but like many things, they can easily overdo the lazy days in bed. In these cases you will have to be firm with your teen, but try to see it from their side too. Explain to them the importance of not being lazy and the things they could achieve in life if they put in the effort.
Set rules
It can be a good idea to set some ground rules for your teen and their laziness. You can get your teen to do some much needed chores around the house and if you wish, you can reward them for their work. Random rewards are a greater incentive than consistent ones, so only try paying them sometimes.
Why are they lazy?
There could be serious reasons behind their laziness - it could be tiredness or in worse cases, a sign of depression. So make sure to check first the reasons behind their laziness, before laying down the law with your teen. If overtiredness is the reason, enforce a stricter bedtime routine, if they have a healthier body clock, they will be able to get up at more suitable times and make the most of their days. However, if the laziness is still ongoing, it can be a good idea to talk to them about what could be bothering them, and in some cases a visit to your GP could help.
Encourage your teen to become involved in outdoor activities or even meet up with some of their friends. Spending more time outside will help boost your teen’s energy, but also get them more motivated to do other things.
There needs to be consequences to your teen’s actions and ongoing laziness is no exception. Remember not to be too hard on your teenager though, especially if their laziness is a result of something serious. But you still need to be firm with your teen, so they can understand that the laziness has to stop.