Our children love to be active, whether its running in football or leaping in dance classes, sometimes it feels like they never stop moving.


And exercise is great for our little ones. It helps them use up all that energy ingrained in them while creatively engaging their coordination skills.


But what do we do when they come home smelly from their time on the pitch?


They need a deodorant that not only keeps the body odour away but that is safe for children to use on their sensitive skin.


Mothers wrote on Mumsnet looking for a natural product that would be harmless to use on their kids before they began their long and busy school days.



Aluminium is present in most antiperspirants, used to plug up sweat glands, and debates have discussed whether it causes any health risks.


However, Cancer Research UK maintains that there is still no proven link between aluminium and harmful health effects.


Nevertheless, we still opt for the most natural and chemical-free options when it comes to products for our children.


So here are three safe and effective deodorants that mums can use to combat kids’ body odour.


1. Moogoo Fresh Cream Deodorant



This natural, aluminium-free deodorant allows perspiration to happen naturally while preventing odour causing bacteria.


It is very popular in Australia, so we know it can beat the heat. The convenient roll-on can be found in Nourish or other health stores around Dublin or simply order it online.


2. Salt of the Earth Natural Unscented Stick Deodorant



This vegan and effective deodorant is free from chemicals, parabens, and alcohol. And the best thing is, it will NOT leave those terrible white marks on kids’ clothes.

One mum said she found it at her local Holland & Barrett, but it can also be bought online on Amazon or Ebay.


3. Bionsen Dermoprotective Roll-on Deodorant



The cheapest of the options, one mum recommended this product that can be picked up from most Boots stores.


It is a great product for children with sensitive skin because it’s hypoallergenic, aluminum-free, parabens-free, and clinically tested.


These natural deodorants are perfect for tackling the strongest of smells and provide a healthy alternative for your children and their delicate skin.