Teens will challenge your authority at every turn and as much as we like to be reasonable with them, sometimes we have to be firm when it comes to their bad behaviour.
Most teens are unaware of how much they actually rely on their parents. So if you’re teen is constantly disrespectful towards you, it’s time to go on strike. You can refuse to their washing, be their chauffeur and most importantly their alarm clock; they will soon have an attitude adjustment towards you.
Good deeds
If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime and this strategy should most definitely be applied to your teen. Whether they’ve disobeyed you, been bad at school or disrespectful to another adult, the best way your child can make amends for this is by doing some form of community service.
Take away their gadgets
The most common form of punishment but definitely the most effective. Once your teen is unable to communicate with the outside world, you will notice a sudden adjustment in their behaviour.
While it may feel impossible to be reasonable with your teen, sometimes they can be unaware of how much they could be hurting you with their actions. Your teen may not be mad at you at all but are simply taking their frustrations out at you. By having a conversation with them about what’s going on, there will be a sense of relief and communication. 
Don’t give in
Your teen will always want something from you and as much as it’s important not to hold grudges, it’s still important for your teen to learn that their actions have consequences. So, if your teen was rude or disrespectful towards you, don’t respond to their behaviour straight away, but remember later on when they approach you for something, tell them no and explain why.
Reward good behaviour
While this seems like an approach you might take with a child, you have to remember at the end of the day even though they don’t act like it, they’re still young at heart. So, if your son or daughter does well in school or is helpful around the house, reward their good behaviour by either a kind acknowledgement or an occasional treat. Your teen may act like they don’t care what you think, but deep down inside they do.