Doing this ONE thing could help you fall asleep faster, study finds


One of the most frustrating feelings is lying awake late at night, thinking of all the tasks you have lined up for yourself the next day - go to the bank, pick up the kids, and so on.


It makes sleep feel near impossible when we contemplate all of the daunting duties that lay ahead of us.



Well, actually writing down those to-do lists could help you fall asleep faster, a recent study from researchers at Baylor University in Texas finds.


The team, led by Dr Michael Scullin, studied 57 young adults from ages 18 to 30. They had some of the participants write to-do lists before beds, while they had the others write down what activities they had completed that day.



To-do list writers fell asleep 'significantly faster' than those who wrote out what they had done that day.


In fact, the more detailed the to-do lists were, the faster people fell asleep. The opposite happened when participants wrote about tasks they had completed.


As a result, the team recommends that people spend five minutes writing a to-do list before bedtime, rather than journaling about their day.



Well, we're willing to try anything that'll get us more time in the land of nod!


Besides feeling AMAZING, increasing sleep is noted to have many health benefits, including improving your attention span and decreasing sugar cravings.


What do you think of these findings, mums? Will you start night time to-do lists of your own?