For those of you who have a kid going off to university, or if you're getting back into the education game yourself, the application system for student grants is opening today.


Student Universal Support Ireland (Susi) has opened their applications earlier than in previous years so they can ensure grants are processed in a timely manner.


Students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible in order to ensure prompt payment of their grants. Susi processed some 103,000 applications last year, with over 80,000 applicants receiving grants for the academic year 2017/18.


It is recommended that applicants use the eligibility reckoner on susi .ie to check if they are likely to qualify for a grant.



Even if students aren't completely sure they plan on attending college, they are still advised to submit an application.


"They do not need to have their leaving certificate results, or to have accepted a course, in order to submit an application," Susi's spokesperson, Aoife Greene, told the Irish Independent.


As well, students who currently have grants must renew them. The priority closing date for applicants renewing their grants is June 14, 2018.


If you'd like a bit of guidance while filling out your application, there are numerous self-help books available at their website.



The application process is the same for students whether they plan on attending an institute of technology, a further education course, or a university.


Applications are assessed the same way regardless of institution type. However, the grant awarded will be slightly different depending on the course the applicant enters.


Aoife added, "We would encourage all students, both new applicants and those progressing to the next year of their course, to make their application as soon as possible to assist in timely processing."


Students should take note that the priority closing date for new applications is July 12, 2018.