Drift Float Therapy announce triple treatment immunity package to rejuvenate the mind & body.

Struggling to keep up with the pace of the post-COVID lifestyle? Dublin’s premium flotation and therapy centre is offering a robust triple-treatment immunity package to help with day-to-day aches and tensions. Drift is the only centre in Ireland which offers floatation therapy, salt caves, red light therapy and an infrared sauna experience in one single establishment. Combined, these four treatments enforce the immune system, tackle fatigue and reduce stress, giving you all the help you need to get back to your pre-pandemic pace.

On the new immunity package, owner Rob Dillon said:

“The return to our fast-paced working lifestyle has taken an extreme toll on all of us. Our bodies are crying out for rest while it adjusts to normality again. We’ve designed this package to target the main issues our clients have been facing from muscle ache and fatigue to lingering respiratory issues from long COVID. Each treatment in the package targets a number of areas, empowering both the mind and body to face the world again.”

The starring treatment in this package is the unique floatation therapy where clients lie in a floatation tank to induce a deep meditative state by means of REST (restricted environmental stimulation therapy).

On the benefits of floatation therapy, Dillon said:

“Floatation speeds the recovery of muscles and joints after training or sports and helps restore the body’s natural posture after a long working week. Because floating improves circulation to each of the body’s systems, including the skin, clients will radiate the post-float glow. There is no need to be worried or intimidated, even first-time floaters can enjoy neurological peace.”

Floatation Therapy can benefit people from all walks of life, from athletes to office workers and is known to reduce stress, headaches, improve sleep, and release endorphins while providing a lasting state of balance. By removing your sensory overload, your brain drifts away into the half-asleep/half-awake type Theta state, where mind and body restore and rejuvenate. Levels of the stress hormone Cortisol decline, while dopamine rises.

Also included in the package is the Dry Salt Therapy, also known as Halotherapy which benefits adults and children alike. Halotherapy removes the toxicity from the respiratory system, improving the function and appearance of the skin, and boosting the immune system. For general respiratory hygiene, once or twice a week visiting your local salt therapy facility will enhance the lung capacity, reduce stress, and aid better sleep.

The third element of this package is the Infrared Sauna. The radiant heat from the infrared sauna penetrates the joints, muscles and tissues increasing oxygen flow and circulation and helps to remove impurities from cells. Regular exposure to saunas and infrared heat can improve immunity, relieve muscle pain, and boost metabolism.

The last element of the package is Red Light Therapy. Red light therapy taps into your energy reserves at the cellular level, stimulating mitochondria and promoting increased energy production. This in turn alleviates stress on the body and leads to a miraculous, side-effect-free reduction in soreness, tightness, and chronic pain. It has also been shown to combat fatigue, with many clients reporting an uptick in energy levels and a general feeling of wellness.

Experience the four pillars of natural relaxation all in one package. Prices for the Drift Immunity package start at €120 and are available to book online now. For more information on treatments, visit the Drift Float website.