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After the Leaving Cert, emotions are running high. Our teens are so very excited to be done with school, and we're delighted that they're no longer feeling stressed and losing sleep over exams.


However, this does not call for the burning of books, the Dublin Fire Brigade has cautioned the public.


"Some students see burning their books as a tradition when they finish school," they tweeted yesterday.


"It’s a bit silly, you could just pass them on… Setting fires like this, especially in dry weather, could lead to larger grass/bush fires. Not smart. PS. You left your name on the inside cover."



They have a point. Besides the obvious danger involved, our children can pass the books on to younger pupils instead of wasting the paper. 


As well, it's not the most environmentally friendly way of disposing of books in the first place.


Some people tweeted in response saying that those who burnt their materials may regret it if they have to repeat exams.


So for any of you with Leaving Cert age kids, let them know that they should take a leaf out of the Dublin Fire Brigade's book and forget the matches.