Ellen DeGeneres is a TV presenter, an author, a comedian, a writer, a producer - and now a fairy godmother.


The TV host recently made one Irish girl’s dreams come true when she invited her to perform on her show.


17-year-old Eimear O'Tuathail flew from Galway to LA to meet Ellen, who is her one and only idol.


She made a personal appeal to the Finding Dory actress by dedicating a song to her. She hoped the song would reach Ellen, so she could perform it on the popular daytime television show.


The Galway girl was overjoyed when the show’s team got in touch with her. They spotted the video of her singing the original song, and invited her to sing it on the show.


The young girl was thrilled to perform on the show, but admitted that she was worried about performing because she only had one chance to do it, “I was really nervous because they told me that an hour before I went on.”



Eimear spoke to RTÉ Entertainment about how much she adores Ellen, “She’s really, really funny, and every time I watch her show she never fails to make me smile.”


The teen went on to share that she spent a vast amount of time working on the song, with the hope of impressing the TV presenter.


The singer revealed that she was extremely emotional when she met Ellen, “I did cry when I met her. I ran up to her and kind of got a bit emotional. I kind of forget what happened, but I gave her a hug."


She admitted that the only time she spent with Ellen was during her appearance on the show, “The only time I got to talk to Ellen was during the interview. It was about six minutes altogether.”


Eimear chatted to Ellen about her trip to the US, before she took to the stage to perform her song ‘Hey Ellen’.



The crowd cheered for the youngster as she sang and played the piano.


Much to her delight, Ellen surprised her at the end of the performance. The presenter showered her with gifts, from Starbucks drinks to lip balms, but there was one special present she wasn’t expecting to get.


In her song, Eimear jokingly said that she wanted a giant cheque - and she was stunned when Ellen walked out on stage with a huge $10,000 cheque in her hands.


Ellen said it can help pay for college. Eimear is torn between pursuing her music career or studying forensic psychology.


You can watch Eimear's performance on ITV2 next week.