Hanging out with your best friend is good for your health, says science

One of the main reasons why we miss school so much is because we used to see our best friend every single day. You’d gossip between history class, stroll to the chipper at lunchtime and whine about the giant mountain of homework you have to tackle on the way home.

We may not get to see them every single day but it is the greatest feeling when we reunite. No matter where you met, be it in school, college, travelling the world or even in the supermarket, having a best friend makes life that little bit brighter.

So much so that scientists have discovered that hanging out with your best friend is actually good for you.

A group of researchers at Northwestern University analysed a group of 50 elderly people to find out how healthy they were.

31 people in the group were found to have “episodic memory and impressive cognitive awareness” and this was down to their bustling social lives.

The group completed a questionnaire about their mental health and how they take care of it. The 31 ‘SuperAgers’ all stated that their relationships were strong and satisfying, which led the team to their discovery.

The researchers explained that having stable and supportive friendships helps your mental wellbeing remain strong, even as you age.

The participants recommended checking in on your friends as much as you can.

Scheduling catch ups and holidays with your pals is good for your health so pick up your phone and get the gang together - science says so!