Every parent needs to listen to this podcast about childrens mental health

Discussing mental health issues is something that is both daunting and nerve-wracking for people of all ages, but especially children.

Children are no doubt amongst some of the most vulnerable in our society so it is vital that we encourage them to share their worries and struggles with people they trust.

Speaking to your children about their mental health is something that every parent should encourage.

However, it can be daunting for any mum or dad. It’s a heartbreaking thing to hear that your darling girl or boy is struggling with disorders like anxiety or depression.

The new episode of Where There’s a Will looks at our children's mental health services and it is such a vital discussion.

They speak to Niall Muldoon, the Ombudsman for Children, Paul Gilligan, CEO of St. Patrick’s Mental Health Services and Dominic Laydon, CEO of Aware in this eye-opening and moving episode.

Two mums also share their stories about their children who have been in the mental health system and discuss the challenges they faced in getting their children the help they needed.

You can listen to the new episode of the podcast here.

People like Niall Breslin are helping the people of Ireland have these vital conversations. The effort he is making is beyond inspiring.

His sheer honesty and determination to beat the taboo surrounding mental health in Ireland shines through in The Magic Moment.

We can make a change together and diminish the stigma.