Exhausted from lack of sleep?  Try the new ‘This Works’ Deep Sleep Plus Collection

The team at This Works know all about good sleep. In fact, they have long valued its importance as the first step in your skincare regime – for it’s at night that skin cells and stem cells move into repair mode - creating new cells, replacing aged ones, removing harmful toxins and generally renewing the skin.

Following the success of deep sleep pillow spray, sleep plus pillow spray was developed to help restore sleep patterns for restless sleepers who reported waking several times in the night or waking early. Since then This Works have extended their Sleep Plus collection to include range of products to ensure you have the best night’s sleep possible.

sleep plus pillow spray 50ml (RRP €29)

By encouraging the body to unwind and promoting a state of deep relaxation sleep plus pillow spray eases users to sleep, whilst the Sleep fragrance is gradually released via motion activated technology through the night, offering immediate and sustained relief to those who toss and turn and helping to reintroduce a normal sleep pattern.

sleep plus dream body 50ml (RRP €35)

A good night's sleep helps you wake up feeling and looking your best. This powerful overnight body saviour will leave your skin glowing, feeling smoother and looking younger after a good night's sleep. A hard-working, night-time body moisturiser with youth-boosting Retinol, Crambe and Sweet Almond Oils plus Vitamin E and 2% CBD. Massage all over tired limbs or focus on areas of particular concern before bed. Don't forget the backs of hands and soles of your feet so the soothing scent can gently cocoon you through the night.

sleep plus massage relief 50ml (RRP €48)

Targeted relief for a better night's sleep. Releasing mental and physical tension before bedtime helps pave the way to undisrupted sleep. For post-workout, evening wind-down or to help de-stress from a busy day. Comfort overworked muscles and soothe tension and aches with this fast-acting lotion, formulated to help aid deep relaxation and relieve muscle soreness.

sleep plus bath oil 5ml (RRP €19)

At the end of a long day, create a relaxing ritual to prepare your body for a good night's sleep. Soak away stress and tension at the end of a busy day to help a tired body and mind transition easily into sleep. Pour a capful of this natural oil into your bath, making sure the bath is not too hot (warm baths are more conducive to sleep than piping hot), and then relax.

This Works Sleep Plus Collection is available now from Cloud10 Beauty and select all good pharmacies nationwide.