Colette Reynolds

Colette Reynolds

Children's Healthy Eating Coach
Dr Colette Reynolds is a Child's Healthy Eating Coach and founder of Growing Healthy Eaters.
Colette  is a mom to 2 young boys and has always had a huge interest in food and nutrition. Since becoming a mom, she has found that growing happy, healthy eaters can indeed be challenging and frustrating (trying to keep all family members healthy, happy & well nourished!).
Growing Healthy Eaters empowers parents to create happy, healthy eaters  and lifelong eating habits for babies, toddlers and children, including fussy eaters.
Colette  does this by offering online courses and 1-1 consultations. Together she works with families to focus on how children eat healthy food, and empowers parents and caregivers with feeding their children.
Working with Growing Healthy Eaters results in less stress and worry, more positive meal times and children eating and enjoying a balanced, varied diet.
Colette has two super online courses: ‘Reduce Children’s Sugar in Positive Ways’ and ‘Create Healthy Eating Habits, Early’. Both master courses enable busy families to implement straightforward and practical actions in positive ways. These courses are delivered in  bite sized videos, yet take a comprehensive approach covering many different topics and offer many strategies to grow your own happy healthy eaters.
The first course offers strategies for how to deal with the challenges of sweets, treats, desserts and sugary foods, including Halloween. The second course offers strategies from responsive feeding to serving as well as dealing with common challenges such as avoiding frequent snacking.
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