Heather Leeson

Heather Leeson

Nutritional Therapist
Heather Leeson (BA Hons, Dip Nutritional Ther, mNTOI) worked for many years in the food industry in Ireland and Europe before opening a thriving private nutrition practice in Dublin over 10 years ago.
Having undergone fertility issues herself and now a mother of three children, Heather has a passion for the role of nutrition in optimising male and fermale fertility and it's role in child health.  She understands that nutrition recommendations must be practical and realistic and believes in making gradual healthy changes that can be sustained by the whole family.
Heather runs the Irish clinics and courses for Glenville Nutrition. Headed by Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD, the UK's leading nutritionist for female health and fertility, Glenville Nutrition offers evidence-based nutrition protocols, functional nutritional testing and practical nutrition and lifestyle advice.
Tel: 01 4020777

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