There have been numerous reports that head lice are becoming resistant to popular treatments, and with new research painting a bleak picture, it’s time we started looking for alternative healing methods.


This is the call of top researchers in the US, who have this week issued a warning to parents all over the world.


According to a study carried out by experts at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, a staggering 98 percent of head lice are now totally resistant to the active ingredients in popular over-the-counter treatments: pyrethrins and permethrins.



The research team spent two years analysing cases, and came to the conclusion that parents’ treatment habits and errors have contributed to the mutation of ‘indestructible’ super lice.


According to lead author Dr Chris Belcher, not only have parents been using pharmacy treatments beyond the recommended dosage (usually two uses), but they have also been mistaking dandruff for lice; two factors which have led to the critters developing a resistance.


“This newly published data supports what we’ve been seeing in our offices and clinics: an increase in treatment-resistant super lice,” explained Dr Belcher.



So, what does he recommend we do to actually treat these lice? Go to your doctor and seek alternative treatments.


“It’s important that parents contact a clinician if they suspect their child has head lice. There are effective, non-non-pyrethrin, non-pyrethroid-based prescription agents that can be used if treatment with over-the-counter products has been unsuccessful,” he advised.


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