Anyone who has ever suffered through intense menstrual pain can tell you that it’s not anything to be taken lightly — and yet, we hear continuous stories of women being told that their cramps are not actually that bad or, worse, in their heads. Some can fear that dismissal, of being told, that its an overreaction.   


And yet again period cramps, or Dysmenorrhea as it's technically called, has been ruled as painful as having a heart attack. Professor of reproductive health at University College London, John Guillebaud, has said that patients have described the cramping pain as "almost as bad as having a heart attack." 


Guillebaud went on to say the issue has been overlooked because “Men don’t get it and it hasn’t been given the centrality it should have. I do believe it’s something that should be taken care of, like anything else in medicine.”


This, of course, is no news to us, but it is another indication of how little women's health is taken seriously. We know how bad it can be - yet it's only with reports like this, for example, that, it becomes a topic of mainstream conversation.  In fact, this was bumped into the press again after Marie Claire made the report known - a similar report surfaced in 2016. 



What is brilliant though, is the epic reaction on Twitter, from women, collectively rolling their eyes - and though it isn't new news (or news at all, to us), it's good to have women's health issues again out in the open.


Here are only a few highlights from social media:



According to statistics, one in five suffers from Dysmenorrhea, the clinical term for painful periods, which has no definitive medical origin. One in ten also suffers from Endometriosis, a condition without known cause that causes severe period pain and occurs in women where the lining of the womb decides to venture into the pelvic area, ovaries and other places in the body.