Ladies, we have some bad news. Those of you who love trying out the free makeup samples, prepare yourselves. Experts have found that makeup testers are covered in bacteria that can cause diseases including herpes.


Microbiologists found that the samples are covered in bacteria due to the high number of people using them on a day to day basis.


Many people will swatch new eyeshadow palettes in store or try out this season’s most popular lipstick before purchasing it, but researchers have encouraged shoppers to stop.


The team of microbiologists found that 30-40 people use the makeup tasters every day.


They have informed shoppers that using the lipsticks samples is a bad move because they may be covered in other people’s saliva. If a person with the herpes simplex virus was to use one of the free samples their saliva would spread the disease.


For those of you who go through sample after sample to find the perfect mascara, it’s time to give up on that habit as the team shared some devastating news. They found that shared eye products, such as eyeliner and mascara can cause conjunctivitis, more commonly known as ‘pink-eye’.



This means you must stop sharing your makeup with your friends and family, as the risk of spreading infections such as salmonella is far too high.


The Daily Mail spoke to microbiologist Dr. Amreen Bashir about the findings, “Most people would never consider sharing a toothbrush with a stranger, yet they happily use make-up testers.”


She explained the dangers of sharing makeup, “There is a real risk of catching bacterial infections and herpes, as we all have different organisms living on us and one cosmetic tester can be used by 30 or 40 different people, which spreads the risk of infection.”


Makeup may make you feel good about yourself, but it’s important to remember to clean your brushes and empty your makeup bag from time to time too.


Many people are guilty of going weeks without giving their makeup brushes a good clean, but it is incredibly bad for you.



Bacteria can grow on unwashed makeup brushes which can cause serious skin issues, including rashes, acne and major irritation.


Using dirty makeup brushes is bad for your skin, but it is also bad for your makeup products too. You transfer the bacteria onto your product when you use a dirty makeup brush.


Experts have advised people to wash their brushes every second day. We know it may seem like a big effort, but your skin will thank you for it.