The heartbroken family of a 17-year-old girl, who died tragically after ingesting a contaminated Valium pill, have explained why they chose to decorate their daughter's grave in, what some may consider, an unconventional way.

The Armstrong family from Motherwell, who are mourning the loss of their daughter and sister Mary-K, are spending approximately £200 a week to ensure her final resting place stays lit with fairy lights.

Explaining the decision, the teen's older sister Roseanne said: "It's expensive, but we want her memory to live on -having the grave as bright as possible is our way of doing that."

Mum-of-one, Mary-K passed away in October, and her one-year-old daughter Mariah is now being cared for by her aunt Roseanne.

Opening up about the effect her sister's death has had on the tot, Roseanne said: "She misses her mum dearly, but we will never let her forget her."

The family are happy to continue keeping the grave illuminated, saying: "I know she would have been happy with how her grave looks."

Our thoughts go out to the teen's family at this difficult time.