No longer are safari holidays for adults alone. These days there are companies who cater mainly for children. They make sure that the children experience as much as possible when it comes to animals. Children have the benefit of meeting new animals in their own environment, and very often get to feed the animals as well.
Before booking, consider whether your children are old enough to enjoy a holiday of this type. Six to eight years old is generally considered the best age. Some safari camps do have babysitting and childcare facilities available.
Remember too that the best wildlife tours tend to be in remote areas, and you are usually transported in unairconditioned buses or open jeeps, and this can be absolutely exhausting for children and adults alike.
Also, it is very important that, about two months before you go, you check which immunisations will be required for the area you are going to. These are to protect you and your family from life-threatening diseases including yellow fever and malaria.
It would also be a good idea to choose a camp that offers special activities and facilities for families. Your best option if you have smaller children, is to go for a camp that is fully fenced.