In January 2015, Ellie-May Clark died from an asthma attack, having been turned away from a GP appointment.


Ellie-May and her mum arrived to the scheduled appointment a few minutes late, and were turned away, and offered a new appointment for the following day.


A few hours later, five-year-old Ellie-May passed away, as a result of an untreated asthma attack. 


The girl’s grandmother, Brandi Clark, spoke to BBC, and said: “They were a few minutes late and Shanice (Ellie-May’s mother) even told the receptionist they wouldn’t be there on time."


The family, who were left devastated by their daughter's passing, are now calling for a criminal inquiry into the doctor involved, and say she should be removed from the GP register.


In May last year, the doctor in question was given a formal warning by the UK’s General Medical Council for her actions, and said that she risked “bringing the profession into disrepute”.


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The council said to her: “You did not consider the medical history of the child, or provide advice on how the child’s parents could access alternative medical care."


They added that her “failing in itself is not serious as to require any restriction on your registration," and her actions were not worthy of being struck off the GP register.


At the time of Ellie-May’s death in 2015, the doctor was suspended for a period of six months. 


Ellie-May’s mother Shanice said: “We all feel terribly let down. I think Dr Rowe should go to jail for what she did. I can’t believe she was not struck off.”


What a tough time for the Clark family.