Feedback for Pestle & Mortar :Erase and Renew
12/01/2017 15:28
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Feedback for Pestle & Mortar :Erase and Renew
01/02/2017 10:17
Thank you so much for the opportunity to test Pestle & Mortar - I was absolutely thrilled when I received my gift box, which I have to say is just stunning, before I even started testing, I knew this would be something I'd love to give as a gift, and I know exactly who would love it.
I hadn't heard of Pestle & Mortar until seeing it here on Mummypages. My normal skin care routine is cleansing and moisturising in the moring - sadly though, and all to often I never do anything at night, other than a quick wipe. I have just ok skin, tend to have breakouts, and it's oily in the t-bar area, with dry bits here and there.
I started using the erase and new method of double cleansing straight away - with erase and renew at night and just renew in the morning. It was a completley new routine for me, but I enjoyed the process of it - made me sit down and stop for a few minutes every evening, which is rare.
I have found significant improvements in the overall appearance of my skin, which is brighter, and less patchy. The uneven tone with dry and oily bits has evened out, and I haven't noticed a breakout since starting (two weeks ago). I'm so impressed with this product - as you can imagine, I've tried every lotion and potion out there and none have given significant results.
I'm giving this product full marks, I will definitely buy it again, I would (and have already) recommend to others.
Thanks so much for giving me the chance to try it out, I love it.
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Feedback for Pestle & Mortar :Erase and Renew
02/02/2017 07:12
I found it very interesting to read about how Pestle and Mortar got started, well done to them, creating something so successful from nothing. Have to admire their insight and self belief. Here I am just trying to keep my skin tone even, and theyv'e gone and created an entire business around it.
I'm very impressed with the Erase and Renew products, hadn't heard of Pestle & Mortar, so was very interested to try them out. They are exceptionally well presented which I love, and the creams are brilliant.
Since I started, I feel my skin is bright and well hydrated, it's a very basic routine to follow, with results that re self evident and fast.
I have already recommended to my friends, and will buy again. Will also be interested in testing out their other products, if the Erase and Renew is anything to go by. Great story and great product.
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Feedback for Pestle & Mortar :Erase and Renew
02/02/2017 17:02
Thanks for selecting me to take part in this test of Pestle & Mortar, had never heard of it before now, but am delighted to have made their acquintance.
The presentation box is really lovely, I felt very special receiving it. Just beatiful. Almost too beautiful to use - but use it I did.
I am quite strict about my skin care regime - cleanse and moisturise every night and morning, and try to have facials once a month.
It never occured to me to do a double cleanse - but it actually makes complete sense. I would say I have combination skin, and it's just ok. And I was worried that it looked really dull - was putting it down to age of course, I'm no spring chicken, and signs of it on my skin.
I have been using the Erase and Renew technique now for two weeks, and have found it to be really good. I feel my skin can breathe and it feels well nourished.
I am very happy with the results, and I would be very happy to recommend the Pestle & Mortar Erase and Renew products to other mums.
This is a must have as far as I'm concerned.
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Feedback for Pestle & Mortar :Erase and Renew
03/02/2017 12:10
So this was my first time to try the Pestle & Mortar Range....all I can say is its Fab!

I have been using the Pestle and Mortar Erase & Renew for nearly 2 weeks now and my skin has never felt and looked better. I have very sensitive and dry skin so to find a product that works wonder on my skin is amazing. I have tried and tested so many products which always lead to outbreaks and dry patches but with the Erase & Renew my skin feels softer & nourished, my partner even commented on the smoothness and healthy looking glow on my face.

Pestle & Mortar Erase and Renew also smells lovely and doesnt leave a greasy feeling on your face. I just used a small amount of each product (a little goes a long way) every night and then just the Renew in the morning.

I would highly recommend this product to my family & friends and would like to give it a 5 out 5 because I have been looking for a product to suit my skin for so long & finally my wish has come through with Pestle and Mortar Erase & Renew :)
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Feedback for Pestle & Mortar :Erase and Renew
05/02/2017 07:26
A few friends had mentioned Pestle & Mortar to me, but between one thing and another, I hadn't tried them out. Was v happy to be selected to be part of this group to give me that chance.
I now understand why my friends have been going on about it, it's really beautiful - the cream themselves AND how they are presented, a lot of thought and consideration has gone into this product, how it works of course is paramount, but the look and presentation is gorgeous too, I really like that.
I started using Erase and Renew immediately, both at night, and the renew in the morning - I normally remove my make up every night with a deep cleanser, and use a night time moisturiser, so the new routine wasn't that different. I must admit though, I had never heard of double cleansing. I have oily skin, prone to breakouts.
I love how the creams felt on my skin, smothe, not oily, I felt my skin was completely refreshed once I was done. After two weeks of using it as instructed, I can see a difference in my skin, and people have commented on it too. The best way to describe it is that ti's completed refreshed every day.
I think the Erase and Renew from Pestle and Mortar is a great combination set to give you a proper skincare regime, it's easy to use, feels great and looks gorgeous - thsi set would be great as a gift too.
Would be very happy to give this the full marks of 5/5, and would recommend.
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Feedback for Pestle & Mortar :Erase and Renew
06/02/2017 13:04
I have been using the Pestle and Mortar Erase and Renew for about 2 weeks now.Before Christmas I purchased their Serum and loved it so I was aware of this brand before using erase and renew.I loved the packaging and how the products were presented inside. There are two products and one cloth and I loved that the cloth was included. The instructions are clear and it really does only take two minutes which is great. I'm always rushing and don't generally put much effort into my skincare routine but since using this product that has changed. My skin can be dry in areas but this leaves it smooth and hydrated and there is definitely more of a glow. I use the Pestle and Mortar serum after the double cleanse and then moisturise. I did this morning and evening. I plan on keeping up with this routine because I have seen an improvement and would definitely recommend Erase and Renew. It is an expensive product and this can be off putting to people myself included, however, after spending two weeks using it I would highly recommend investing in this double cleanse system as the results are worth it. 5/5
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Feedback for Pestle & Mortar :Erase and Renew
06/02/2017 13:27
I have been using the pestle & mortar erase & renew now for nearly 2 weeks. To be honest i never heard of it until this and then all of a sudden i can see it advertised everywhere on social media. I never tried any of the products until now. When it arrived i thought the packaging was amazing very well presented looked like a great product, loved the box and colour have to say i got very excited and my friend was beside me thought it looked amazing. I had heard of pre-cleanseing which i always do as part of my skin care regime not sure if it's the same i think it is. I would always use a precleanse and then a cleanser, wipe both off with wet cotten wool works really well when you are getting makeup off, which can be impossible at times. My skin is quite good to be honest, but sometimes i am not sure why but i get a patchy break out of red particularly around my chin area. But this happens very seldomly. I used the product as was explained and my skin was pretty good, glowing in fact, it felt really really clean, particulary using the cloth insured that it everything was gone of your face. I loved the smell makeup remover balm really loved that and how it went on to the skin. The gel cleanser was a little bit sticky but nice all the same. I kind of could not wait to get that of my face where i was happy to leave the other on! There definately was a difference to my skin, it felt and looked fresher and very clean. I am always trying new skin care products and yes i would definately buy this again in the future because as i have said my face felt very clean and looked very bright. I would rate this 4 out of 5 the only reason i didnt give it a 5 was the stickyness of the cleanser. But a great product overall. Would recommend to family and friends in the future. Thank you for letting me try this out. :)
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Feedback for Pestle & Mortar :Erase and Renew
06/02/2017 18:20
Thanks so much for selecting me to take part in this trial, I'm lucky to have good skin, but as I get older, I have noticed tired lines creeping in.
I don't normally wear makeup, and so I don't really have a skin care regime as such. I use a face wash in the shower, and have had a day cream that I use occasionally.
The box and packaging on the Pestle & Mortar Erase and Renew set is beautiful, so pretty, and such a treat to receive. The products are also really nice, and very easy to use. I've noticed having used them for two weeks that my skin doesn't have that tight feeling to it that it often gets. I'm very pale naturally, but my complexion feels brighter.
Thanks so much for introducing me to this, I would highly recommend and would buy again.
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Feedback for Pestle & Mortar :Erase and Renew
07/02/2017 12:33
Thank you for allowing me to test this lovely product.

I must admit I was not aware of the Pestle & Mortar brand before and my skincare routine is normally quite basic. I only wear make up on occasions and use plain water to wash my face and apply a regular moisturiser. I have quite good skin with just occasional dry patches.

My first impressions of the product were wow it looks like a real luxury item. The packaging and the individual items within suggests real elegance.

On opening there was a lovely fragrance from the products. The feel of the Erase was lovely and felt lovely to apply to my skin. I also loved the face cloth it was both gentle and effective. Within a few days I could really feel and notice a difference to my skin. I have had no feeling of dryness even in the cold weather. I genuinely felt renewed!

My only concern would be the price. However I can see that the product would last and overall be a good investment. I will certainly be telling friends about this product.

I will give a score of 4/5 - the price be my only concern.

Thanks again.
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Feedback for Pestle & Mortar :Erase and Renew
09/02/2017 08:40
I was so excited to take part in this trial, and I was even more excited when I saw how the package arrived - it looks fantastic.
I was very impressed with the design, packaging and presentation. There were three elements to this package - a cleanser, moisturiser and facecloth. I liked that I got everything I needed for my new skincare regime.
The products themselves were lovely to use, lovely smell, cleaned my face and neck very well, and left me feeling refreshed and well moisturised.
I would highly recommend Pestle & Mortar Erase and Renew - my mother always taught me that you need to look after your skin, and paying that bit more for products that work, rather than skimping on cheap alternatives taht don't does not pay in the long term. These are well worth every cent, and a little goes a really long way.
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Feedback for Pestle & Mortar :Erase and Renew
09/02/2017 11:08
I was delighted to verify told I was part of the erase and renew trial. My skin had really suffered throughout my pregnancy and was my main symptom. Very bad pregnancy acne on my face and neck. My baba arrived a week early and so when I arrived home from hospital to have the pestle and mortar package waiting for me it was a real treat. I began using it straight away as to help with the trauma of a very hard labour which was really showing on my face!!!!

First of all the packaging... Wow what a fabulous looking box it really makes you feel like your getting something special. Secondly the smell is fabulous so so fresh and exactly what the doctor ordered. I've always had a very good skin care routine, cleanse tone serum and moisturise twice daily, but my God this takes it too another level..... What a treat..... Some might say a bit of an inconvenience but as a new mum a few minutes to myself to look after my skin is time well spent. I also have quite sensitive skin and this did not feel harsh at all on my face. although my pregnancy skin conditions have not completely resolved they ate definitely improved and less noticeable and I imagine can only get better as I continue to use the products.

The only negative I would say is that to get the full benefit and results I would imagine that finishing off with pestle and mortar serums and moisturisers would be a necessity and hopefully I might afford to continue with the regime to see the full results as with a new baby I would find the price range of these products slightly out of my budget but worth the money none the less
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Feedback for Pestle & Mortar :Erase and Renew
09/02/2017 19:11
Let me start by saying I'm so impressed with teh presenation box and packaging - made me feel so special, sounds silly I know, but it's the little things when you're a busy mum.
Now that that's out of the way, let's get on to the product.

I hadn't used anything from Pestle & Mortar before, and was intrigued to see if the Erase and Renew would be any different to all the other good quality products out there I didn't notice an immediate difference, in that I didn't look 8 years younger after one day (totally realistic expectation, I know), but after one week, I can honestly say there was a noticeable change - my skin wasn't tight, it was well moisturised and it looked brighter.
I'm very happy with the results of Pestle & mortar Erase and Renew - yes, there are always cheaper products available, and you cut your cloth according to your measure, but for me, this is worth it, it does what is says it will, and I feel great from it. In my opinion, that's money well spent. I don't gorge on choclates, flowers, wine or any of those weekly things my other friends enjoy - so for me, this is perfect.
Would highly recommend, and will buy again.
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Feedback for Pestle & Mortar :Erase and Renew
09/02/2017 20:53
Loved being part of this group, I think taking care of your skin from an early stage will pay dividends, and I'm very careful to cleanse, tone and moisturise every night.
I was very impressed wtih the simple routine with Pestle & Mortar Erase and Renew, and have stuck to it since starting.
You don't need to use a lot of either product, and I found them very pleasant to use, nice scent and positive results. I wear make up every day so it's important taht I feel my face is properly clean once I take it off at night, and the erase and renew did just that. In the morning it was a simplifed process with just a renew.
My skin feels clean and fresh, and I quite like that I don't have to use a toner, which can sometimes cause tightness.
I will stick to using these products, I will buy again, and would recommend. 5/5
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Feedback for Pestle & Mortar :Erase and Renew
09/02/2017 21:02
Have been very impressed using the Erase and Renew products. I have always used an expensive cleanser and moisturiser, it's something I just wouldn't be without, no matter what, and in general I don't change what I use.
Over the last six months, however, my skin has appeared dull, I don't have bad skin, but I just feel it has not been at it's best. It was a pleasant surprise to use these new creams and find that they actually make a huge difference. I used the creams as instructed, and I particularly liked having the cloth to use - normally just use tissue (which can often be harsh) or cotton wool (which doesn't always give the desired clean) so I do think that has really helped, and of course the 'double' cleansing.
This is a new routine for me, but the difference in my appearance has been noticeable, I've even gone a few days without makeup as I feel my skin to be brighter, and complexion has overall improved.
Would be very happy to continue using this and to recommend it to others. Breathes a new lease of life into dull and tired complexions.
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Feedback for Pestle & Mortar :Erase and Renew
09/02/2017 21:22
This is a really beautiful set, I really enjoyed testing it. Very good creams, light but also effective.
Would recommend for sure and will buy again when it runs out. Top marks five out of five.



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