Feeling a bit down? Put one of these comfort TV shows on to brighten your day

It’s almost the weekend, but we're still feeling sluggish - we definitely didn’t get enough sleep last night and overall, we’re just feeling a bit lacklustre.

If you’re feeling the same as us, then why not treat yourself to something nice this evening to cheer yourself up?

When we’re not feeling ourselves, one of our favourite fixes is to switch on one of our comfort TV shows. Generally speaking, these are shows that give us the warm and fuzzies; they don’t have overwhelming amounts of tension in each episode, and they always contain characters that we adore and connect with.

If you’re looking for a bit of TV inspo for when you’ve finished the working day, then look no further! We have picked out a few of our ultimate comfort shows, and have placed them below. From oldies-but-goodies to slightly newer releases, there’s bound to be something on this list that will appeal to you:

Downton Abbey

Ah, good old Downton. It feels like a second home to us at this point! Any time we’re feeling low, we love to stick on a classic episode of this luxurious British drama and lose ourselves in stories from over a century ago. Whether it be Lady Mary’s will-they-won’t-they with Matthew, the one-line zingers from Violet or the antics of the Downton staff, there’s lots of joy in store with this series.



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If you’re feeling down, Friends will always be there for you! We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve watched each episode of this classic nineties sitcom, but it will still never fail to make us laugh. Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe feel like our extended family at this point, and putting them on our screens always gives us the comfort we desperately need. We never want to be ‘on a break’ from this one!

Gilmore Girls

Get away from it all and escape to Stars Hollow! Gilmore Girls is an absolute classic for when you need a bit of a pick-me-up. The series is always a low-stakes show - aside from the odd health scare or devastating breakup, the biggest dramas Lorelai and Rory encounter are the town’s never-ending wacky festivals, or the chaos of their ‘Friday Night Dinners’. The Gilmores will never let you down!

The Great British Bake Off

Yes, we know that Bake Off is technically only on during specific months of the year, but who says you can’t do a comfort rewatch all year round? Whether it be the OGs with Mary Berry and Mel & Sue, or the more recent series with Paul and Prue, Bake Off will definitely give you endless amounts of joy. Plus, you get to witness delicious cakes and puddings for hours on end - what’s not to love?

Ted Lasso

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If you’re looking for the most wonderful amount of joy, then Ted Lasso is a great choice! As well from Ted’s constant positivity and hilarious puns, the ensemble cast of AFC Richmond gives us all the wholesome feels. The football-mad men aren’t afraid to showcase their softer sides, and the main female leads - Rebecca and Keeley - are the perfect examples of strong women. We couldn’t love this show more!