Family getting on your nerves? Feel like you could scream at the STATE the kids have left the house in? Struggling to crack at a smile? Well, you could be in need of a large glass of water. 


Yes, while there are plenty of things that can make you want to hide your head under your duvet for the day, dehydration can ALSO influence your mood. 


But that's not all it can affect.


According to the Natural Hydration Council, mild dehydration can affect your ability to concentrate, make you less alert and even feel more tired.


And it’s not only adults whose mood can be affected. 



Dehydration in children is associated with confusion, irritability, and lethargy and it may produce decrements in cognitive performance.


So what can you do?


Dr Emma Derbyshire, adviser to the Natural Hydration Council and Public Health Nutritionist, has the following tips: 

  1. Start your day with a glass of water. 
  2. Hydration status may fluctuate throughout the day so drink water at regular intervals. While you can meet your body’s water requirements from other drinks, water is one of the healthiest ways to hydrate as it has no calories or sugar.
  3. On particularly hot days, always make sure you have access to enough fluid.
  4. Foods can also contribute to your daily water intake; melon, soups, stews, fruit and vegetables all have a high water content. 


How can you check if you are dehydrated?

An easy way to monitor changes in hydration status is to check the colour of your urine: it should be a pale, straw colour - anything darker and more fluid is needed.