It is never easy for a gay teenager to come out but it can be even more difficult when it comes to admitting this to their parents. You may have suspected for a while that your child is gay or it could have come as a complete shock, but either way you need to ensure your child knows that you are there for them and love them no matter what.
Even if you suspect that your child could be gay, it is still best to leave it up to them to tell you. You shouldn’t feel too upset if your teenager decided to come out to their peers before you, it’s quite common for teenagers to see what other people’s reactions might be before talking to parents.
If your child has come out to you, it shows that your teen trusts and values you to tell you. It’s never an easy conversation for a parent. Even if you’re ok with your child being gay, it is still a lot to take in and there are many feelings for a parent to process. One of the many concerns for parents who have a LGB (lesbian, gay or bisexual) teenager is the fear of how the rest of the world will react. There could be discrimination, bullying at school and will it make life more difficult for your child in the long run?
Of course it may have come as complete shock to you and now you’re not sure how you feel about your son or daughter; you may even have negative thoughts towards them.
It is important to be honest with your child about your worries but still ensure you reaction is a calm one because getting angry will achieve nothing, especially over something that your child really has no control over.
The important thing to remember is that even though your child has come out, it still doesn’t change the fact that they are your child. They are still the same person you’ve watched grow into the teen they are now and the fact they’re understanding their own sexuality is only another natural step in growing up.