The elusive Irish summer is here, with temperatures of 26 degrees on the way for the week.


As temperatures are set to rise, we have the hats and suncream at the ready.


However, there is another hazard that the unfamiliar summer heat is bringing and you probably have it in your room.


The Dublin Fire Brigade took to Twitter to highlight the danger of mirrors, crystals and glasses kept beside windows.



Aerosols should also be moved, as according to the department, they are at risk of exploding if exposed to the heat.


The video shows the damage caused as a result of a vanity mirror left in a window.


They issued a reminder to move everything into the shade and to keep in mind that the sun moves around as the day draws on.



Keeping hydrated during the heatwave is also crucial to managing the warm weather safely.


An individual should consume two and a half litres of water daily, whilst this should be increased for those who are working and playing outside.


Ensure any reflective surfaces that could be a fire hazard are not in the way of direct sun and kept in the shade.


Carry water with you and make sure you and your little ones are well hydrated.