With Europe in such unrest following atrocities across the continent, many people are worried about where they should head on their summer holidays, if anywhere at all. 


While a number of countries have been given a status red warning meaning a high threat of terrorism, there are plenty of countries that have been deemed perfectly safe to head to: Iceland, Malta, Poland and Hungary for instance.


However, despite the huge terror risk in some countries, most travel insurance providers don’t include terror attacks in their policies.


However, a new travel insurance, Safe Journey, has been launched in the UK with terrorism specifically in mind, and will cover you if you are directly impacted or if you are planning on visiting an affected area imminently.


The insurance for a single trip will cost just £16.12 for a family, and will cover you for up to £1,000,000 for emergency medical treatment overseas as well as evacuating you to a safe place and providing temporary accommodation.


As well as paying funeral expenses, should the unthinkable happen, they will also allow you receive a payout should you wish to cancel a planned trip following a terrorist attack.


What do you think? Would you like to see Irish insurance companies providing the same service? 


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