We've all heard the celebrity endorsements for meditation and how amazingly beneficial it can be and with loads of tips and tricks available online, why are many of us still so reluctant?


When you're in unfamiliar territory and really have no idea what you're doing, sometimes it's nice to have a little extra help and someone to talk you through.


We have five apps for you that claim to help with anxiety and stress.


1. Headspace


Headspace calls itself the personal trainer for your mind.


With hundreds of hours of content from stress and creativity to relationships and happiness this app is all about teaching meditation skills that you can do for yourself.


You can also make friends on the app to motivate each other.



2. Buddhify


This mindfulness app for modern day living has over 80 guided meditations custom made for whatever situation you’re in.


So whether you’re in the office, travelling or going to sleep there is a meditation guide there to help you get through your stress.


You can track your progress also to see how you’re getting on.



3. 7 Second Meditation


According to one user:


This app is kind of like getting a text from a good friend telling you how much they appreciate you: it takes a few seconds to read, puts a smile on your face and reminds you what’s really important in life.”


You select the times throughout the day when you usually start to feel a little overwhelmed and the app will trigger messages to be sent shortly before.





4. Nature Melody


We’ve all heard, time and time again, how “soothing” the sound of rain is.


Well not when your own walking in it or sat by the fire trying to dry off.


But this app gives you all the enjoyment of calming nature sounds without even having to leave your house.


With a selection of sounds from nature to choose from this is definitely one for just before bed we think.



5. Zenify


Zenify is quite similar to 7 Second Meditation except for what it sends you.


Unlike the other app, Zenify sends you quick meditation instructions for the times you know you find stressful.


With suggestions like “Take a deep breath. Feel your lungs expanding your chest, ribs and spine. Exhale abruptly, clearing everything that’s bothering you. Repeat a few times”.


This one is great for anyone who doesn’t have time to spend 30 minutes doing a full meditation session.



Most of these are available on both iOS and Android so there should be nothing stopping you from at least trying them out. 


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