Geordie Shore star Sophie Kasaei shares insight into her struggles to conceive

Sophie Kasaei has been opening up about her fertility journey. 

The Geordie Shore star and her The Only Way is Essex star boyfriend Jordan Brook have previously revealed they've been trying to conceive ‘for months’ but are yet to fall pregnant. 

In a new update on her struggles to conceive, Sophie, who was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2020, opened up about how she’s feeling about the whole journey and explained why she chose to discuss it on social media. 

After asking her 2M Instagram followers to send questions to her on her Stories, Sophie chatted about a number of topics, most notably, her trying to conceive experience.  

One fan asked, “How are you feeling about TTC? I’m in the same position and trying not to let it take over”

Kasaei responded by saying, “I know I'm going to get so many of these so will kick it off. I feel mixed emotions everyday. Iv tried to do the whole ‘relax it will happen’ tried everything under the sun and I just feel deflected”.

“But I won’t give up it will happen one day. But it’s sad how I don’t feel like many people talk about the TTC enough so I will do my most to chat to you all and make you all aware you are not alone”.

Another of Sophie’s fans asked, “How are you finding your fertility journey and do you regret sharing it with the public?”.

The 34-year-old replied, ”I’m having a bad day today with it all I will be honest. Maybe because it’s my focus. I’m seeing so many ppl announcing and I’m so happy for them but sad for myself”.

“Don’t regret it one bit because I no I’m not alone”, she later went on to admit. 

Earlier this year, the reality star told Heat magazine, “We've been trying for a few months now. I thought I'd get pregnant straight away, but it's a lot harder than people think”.