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Find out more about adoption and fostering in Ireland and what options are right for you. What are the problems and difficulties that you’re likely to encounter?
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Adopting: what countries can we adopt from?
Irish parents now have three new international adoption options which may make getting the child...
Which countries can I legally adopt from?
International adoption is growing in popularity - however, not all countries comply with Irish...
How do I adopt a child from Thailand?
The Thai Child Adoption Centre in Bangkok works with the Irish Adoption Board to process all...
How do I adopt a child from the Philippines?
Adopting a child from the Philippines is a much smoother process than adopting a child from China or...
Can I have IVF treatment and apply for adoption at the...
Some couples are not ready to give up trying to have a natural birth child and will want to continue...
What is involved in adopting a child from Vietnam?
Intercountry adoption is a difficult process and at the moment, there is no effective bilateral...
Adopting a child from China. What's involved?
The adoption process for babies and children born in China is handled by the China Centre of...
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