Fertility & Ovulation

Our guide to the basics of fertility, ovulation and how your menstrual cycle can affect conception. All you need to know about trying to get pregnant, how to minimise your problems, and what you should be doing if you expect to conceive soon.

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Can hot water harm sperm?

Sperm count can be affected by a number of factors. One of them is indeed hot water.
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Sex positions for getting pregnant. Are there any tricks that we should know?

There are many things that you can do to increase your chances of getting pregnant.
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How do I conceive when over 30?

Although a woman’s fertility begins to decline in your mid- to late-twenties, it is generally around the 35th birthday that there is a significant deterioration in ability to conceive.

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Can a man's age affect fertility?

A woman’s age impacts fertility, but a man’s age is irrelevant
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What is a false negative?

Pregnancy tests are only as good as the execution. Read all instructions to avoid getting inaccurate results on a home pregnancy test.
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When to take a pregnancy test?

The best timing for pregnancy testing is once you miss your period.
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How do lubricants impact fertility?

Lubricants can compromise efforts to conceive.
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