The pros and cons to be aware of when planning to have children close in age

When it comes to family planning, one of the biggest debates amongst parents-to-be is the age gap that they would like their children to have. 

In recent years, it has become very common for parents to choose to have their children with a one-to-two year age gap, rather than spacing them apart by three years or more. 

Of course, there are pros and cons to each option, but how can you know which one is the right choice for you? Well, we’re here to help you!

We have devised a list of pros and cons that will help you to weigh up whether or not having a small age gap is right for you. Read through them carefully, and hopefully, you will then be able to make an informed decision:


The bond they will form

Of course, one of the biggest reasons why parents choose to have their kids close in age is because of the close bonds that they often form when doing so. Naturally, every family is different and all sibling relationships are different, but generally speaking, babies who are born within 18 months of each other will grow up to have a special bond, as they end up going through many of life’s biggest milestones together. Plus, having two babies around at the same time just means double the amount of cuteness!

No need to adjust to pregnancy each time

The demands of pregnancy can throw anyone for a loop, especially if it’s been a few years in between each one and you have become ‘out of practice’, so to speak. So, that’s why many mothers attempt to plan their pregnancies as close together as they can. A few short years of morning sickness, joint pain, intense cravings and contractions, and then you’re done!

No need to constantly re-purchase baby items

It’s no secret to anyone that baby products are a huge drain on our bank accounts, so that’s why more and more parents are choosing to have children closer in age. If your family is completed within a few years, then this means that you can just re-use products such as prams, cribs, clothing and toys for each child, without feeling the need to buy a whole load of new items. Plus, this way, you’re doing great work for the environment!


Back-to-back pregnancies is tough

Despite our previous point about back-to-back pregnancies, we recognise that going through consecutive pregnancies can take its toll on your body, both physically and mentally. So, it’s no wonder that some mums choose to wait a few years before getting pregnant again, as your body has absolutely earned its right to a break. Pregnancy can be an intense and gruelling experience for many, and that should never be sugar coated.

The ‘baby bubble’ will disappear in just a few short years

If you’re someone who loves being in a so-called ‘baby bubble’, then having your children in quick succession might not be for you! We all know how fast time goes, especially when you’re in the chaos of new motherhood. So, if your babies are only born 18 months apart, then your ‘baby bubble’ will be over before you know it. However, if you decide to space your kids out by a few years, then you can look forward to (and truly savour) the newborn period each time it rolls around.

They’ll be doing everything at the same time

Childcare, exams, university fees - a child’s entire lifetime is surrounded by endless costs and worries for parents. If you’re concerned about the financial side of things, then spacing your pregnancies apart by a few years might be the best way forward for you. Instead of being hit by double (or triple) the costs with your children, you will be able to save up and plan for each child's future. Then, when the time comes, you will be a bit more prepared!